We do not recommend

We do not recommend I instinctively try food an upper lip each time when I gather a new spoon.

Even not enough hot food happens enough that the child for a long time lost trust to that submit to it on a spoon.

We do not recommend to warm up food in the microwave oven, where it on nonuniformly; in it hot pockets are formed and the child can burn.

If all of you chose the microwave oven, be especially vnima, mixing food, and always try it before giving to the child.

To avoid superfluous expenses, impose to the child exactly so much, how many, in your opinion, he will eat.

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We had it a place

We had it a place Preparation for massage Choose a warm, quiet place where there are no drafts.

We had it a place at bi from a floor to a ceilin a window.

Sun beams, passing through it, warmed kids.

Do not begin ritual while the child does not feel comfortably and you too.

It is possible to do massage on a floor, a table, beds a grass, a beach.

Include calming music influence of quiet music is described on page What music to choose, instructors in massage of newborns can advise to you.

Choose hours when you do not hurry up anywhere, nobody will disturb you, and the child is ready to relax.

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However if the kid has a high

However if the kid has a high In this case to postpone an inoculation imprudently as some children in the first years of life so often catch a cold that all inoculations pass practically.

However if the kid has a high temperature and he badly feels, the inoculation is really better for postponing.

Recent researches showed that MMK vaccine vaccination during a virus infection at the child can not lead to immunity creation at it.

Vaccination after contact to the carrier of an infectious disease The vaccine stimulates an organism of the child to development of his own An to microbes activators.

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The unique

The unique If the timeout is correct for applyin it is extremely effective method, but it is necessary for considering as the last reserve in case you already tried all other ways.

The unique exception are situations when your child behaves aggressively.

The principle of a timeout consists in that.

that you send your child for some minutes from calculation one minute for every year of his life, but no more than for five minutes somewhere, where safely, boringly and far from you.

Some families participating in Small angels, already tried to resort to a timeout, on or did not watch that the child remained on a place, or left it there on hour.

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I turned into

I turned into I decided to address to real experts to skilled parents, at kotory everything turned out, which had a complete mutual understanding with children who intuitively arrived only correctly; to the parents enjoying communication with children which development, apparently, went successfully.

These parents and their children became my teachers.

I turned into the diligent listener and the keen observer and started to conduct regularly records about receptions used by parents.

I made the list of everything that works.

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The equipment

The equipmentThe equipment is simple in a pure dry buttka pour necessary quantity boiled more hotly ° waters, a measured spoon the specified quantity of a powder, close a buttochka and properly shake, that the powder was dissolved completely, without lumps.

Now it is necessary to give only mixes will cool down till °, At cultivation of dry mixes it is very important to dose out correctly necessary quantity of a powder and water, without allowing preparation both too concentrated, and excessively dissolved mix as in the first case the kid can not cope with surplus of food substances and it will break digestion a srygivaniye, t a chair, decrease in appetite.

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Listen to the child

Listen to the child Apologize before it and if its reaction to this or that event was rough, point to it to it, but do not build conversation by a principle the fool.

Explain that at this stage you need not to rake over the past, and to go forward, to improve the relations.

It is necessary for your future relations in a family and for the child who only learns to build the relations with different people.

Listen to the child as if you see it for the first time.

Remember, while you do not learn to speak validly with the child, you should suffer his boorish tricks.

And the farther the it is more.

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