I began to divide

I began to divide That me surprises, so it that I never guessed to take it with myself in a bed.

Only in some months when I was absolutely exhausted by that he wakes up at once, only I keep within, I at last thought, where there should be its place.

I began to divide with it a dream as could not suffer more, and right there estimated all advantages of it when I sleep near the child, all house sleeps neither we disturb nobody, nor nobody disturbs us.

I learned to feel its presence and was not afraid to press in a dream therefore could sleep easily.

Often I took away it from a bed and went with it to a drawing room.

Included quiet music, sat down in a chair, and it was possible to me to relax and have a rest hour or so from cares.

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CARE OF ISSECHENY'S PLACE Whether it is possible to bathe the child in a bath before umbilical cord falling away opinions about it do not coincide.

Some doctors consider that the namokaniye of a navel increases danger of infection.

If the basis a cult of an umbilical cord suppurates, it is unreasonable to lower the child in a tray pus will get to water and the infection can extend.

In this case only rub off the child until the umbilical cord will disappear and the umbilical wound will not begin to live.

CARE OF ISSECHENY'S PLACE OF THE EXTREME FLESH Your doctor will instruct you how to look after a place of an issecheniye of an extreme flesh.

Within several days impose on this place protective ointment each time at change of diapers.

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The majority

The majority To the child the first impressions of mother are important, it is necessary, that he saw it.

Remain together.

Ask the doctor and the sister to put the child on yours a stomach and a breast right after the birth or after cutting of an umbilical cord and an otsasyvaniye of okoloplodny waters, if with you and with it everything is all right.

Let the child sucks a breast right after the birth.

The majority of children simply lick a nipple, but is also such which start to suck at once greedy.

As it was already told, such stimulation of a nipple causes development of a hormone of oxytocin which promotes reduction of a uterus and reduction of postnatal bleeding.

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And together

And together And near it how and before.

You, Bad habits of good children.

giving a hand to it.

Still instant, still slightly.

And together you will master a threshold.

AS IT IS NECESSARY to prepare for parents of the child for receipt in schoolAs it would seem to you strange, but preparation should be begun long before the birth of the child, tryin that is pregnant a nost at mother proceeded without various adverse anamnesis tor.

After the birth of the child to try to finish specific weight of all adverse factors of the anamnesis which is available after the delivery, to the minimum sizes.

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Before putting

Before putting Frequent awakenings at night.

Making the way teeth haunt , to parents and at night.

If earlier the child slept well and stron now he can wake up several times in a night.

Before putting the kid to bed, it can give a dose and if he strongly suffers, even to double it.

It is possible to repeat drug intake if there will be such requirement, in hours.

The child refuses to eat.

As to food, here a situation skla differently.

One children never forget to eat, and some even demand more food, but there are also such children who refuse food in a teething.

Offer the child cold, soft food, for example apple mashed potatoes or the cooled fruit juice.

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At this

At this The most part of time at the table of the kid the food, how many the various adaptations used thus interests not so much.

Itself! Other type of service desire most to put on and undress.

To nechno when the kid only masters this difficult business, process vestments in clothes is improbably tightened.

Though children still very much do not love, when them dress, now it becomes a little easier to you to cope with the kid.

He, for example, can pull out a foot from a boot, thrust a hand into a sleeve, pull down a shirt through the head.

At this age he studies in a scarf and to comb hair a hairbrush.

Cooperation in all these affairs result not only improvement of skills of hands, but also escalating desire to simulate activity of adults and to do everything most.

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In advance

In advance Go to shop when the kid and you too have a rest and ate.

Leave time to talk to the child about purchases.

Thus he will feel more comfortably in a sedentary carriage and to help you to shop.

Do not forget that he is a personality.

In advance make the list of unpleasant affairs for example, visit of an office of the doctor, try to choose for them optimum in sense of behavior of the child hours.

To expect that he will behave well at the end of day when was tired or when got hungry too the excessive requirement the same occurs and to you.

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