If food it will

If food it will If food it will appear a little, take from a jar a little more, but only a pure spoon.

It is possible to store the remained food in the refrigerator no more than days but only if the saliva there did not get.

Some mothers very succeed in preparation of children's food, others give to the child food from the general table, kneading it a fork READY BABY FOOD On the sale baby food is convenient subjects that It is ready to the use economically, hygienically, it is possible to submit it at once on a table it Is packaged in convenient, for portions, jars, the uneaten remains can be stored in the refrigerator Besides, structure and food structure in jars are various, and they can be selected according to age of the child If you decided to feed the child with ready baby food, call the producer and set to it some questions Whether there are in products pesticides and how producers reduce them sodera zhaniye How fresh there is used fruit and vegetables How it is long possible to store baby food let out by them Whether contain products any additives Write down answers, a surname of the person to which you talked, and chis If buyers will ask more often such questions and to finger producers, it will increase quality of letout ready baby food WE DRINK FROM THE CUP Speaking about cup introduction, we mean that transition from a small bottle or a breast to a cup will be gradual and smooth After all for this purpose the child should develop absolutely other skills.

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Usually quickly

Usually quickly Such child without effort acquires age ny skills.

In three years it serves itselfhimself.

It a niya sure, exact, easily replacing speed.

Speech you strikin fast, live, with a mimicry and with gestures.

He without emotions transfers punishments.

Usually quickly fills up.

Sleeps well.

Such child wakes up with a smile and ly day carries out with it.

And even if mourns, kovremenno and for a while, laughing and crying almost one it is temporary.

In it everything is perhaps harmonious.

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After processing

After processing after processing an umbilical wound it is possible to cover sterile gauze napkins with a sterile napkin to limit contact to an infection; cream from irritations and oprelost; emulsion, a simplex suspension give to the child at intestinal colic and bellyaches; albucid drops in eyes conjunctivitis; paracetamol suspensions or rectal candles and preparations, it containing children's , children's febrifugal and sedative; , % drops from cold; the aspirator for slime removal from a nose is a small enema with a soft tip; vaseline oil; wadded sticks; cotton wool sterile, bandage and gauze, bactericidal adhesive plaster of a various form and size; pipettes they are good for usin when the baby needs to give liquid medicine for intake.

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Correct beginning. The main

Correct beginning. The main To find them it is possible through local office of League of mothers of twins see additional information on page and Visit League meetings till the birth of children to get acquainted with people who can help you.

Receive consultation at the expert in a lactation, having experience of the help to mothers raising more than one child, within days after the delivery from the very beginning to learn correctly to nurse them.

Correct beginning.

The main problems at chest feeding near are connected with that twins often happen premature, sleep much and within weeks badly suck.

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On on the racer

On on the racerSuch child, having become on legs, immediately at once began a corduroy road.

Since then hurries up somewhere, advancing itself.

On on the racer who rushes on rocket speeds, without operating brakes.

Year rushes, another and in this race is not free involves everythin everything who communicates with the child.

To it only three, and mother with the father are exhausted so as if it haunts them eternity.

To it four, to it five.

In total from feet near it.

Only it one is tireless.

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Whether. Varya's mother

Whether. Varya's mother And all this occurs in the face of the daughter.

But mother of the girl considers that that is possible for it, of course, unacceptably for Varya, and continues to show every day the boy that Varya in the house means nothing.

But, even despite it, Varya becomes upryamy day by day and clashes with mother.


Varya's mother in the family correctly behaves Why Varya's obstinacy blossoms every day You as though arrived on a place of mother Varya Barkans Bad habits of good children.

Whether It is possible to draw the left handIf your child lefthanderWhy this hand right, and this left Both of them fight.

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Your voice

Your voice Your instant reaction to command of the child is of great importance for this purpose, whether the similar behavior will repeat, be supported at the same level or to decrease.

For that to induce the child to do yours about what you it ask, it is necessary for you to ask it one on good, and then it is once strict.

Your voice and language of a body should show authority without shout.

Actions are more significant, than words.

Do not give talks and do not enter disputes, especially with small children as your words mean nothing.

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