I turned into

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I turned into I decided to address to real experts to skilled parents, at kotory everything turned out, which had a complete mutual understanding with children who intuitively arrived only correctly; to the parents enjoying communication with children which development, apparently, went successfully.

These parents and their children became my teachers.

I turned into the diligent listener and the keen observer and started to conduct regularly records about receptions used by parents.

I made the list of everything that works.

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The equipment

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The equipmentThe equipment is simple in a pure dry buttka pour necessary quantity boiled more hotly ° waters, a measured spoon the specified quantity of a powder, close a buttochka and properly shake, that the powder was dissolved completely, without lumps.

Now it is necessary to give only mixes will cool down till °, At cultivation of dry mixes it is very important to dose out correctly necessary quantity of a powder and water, without allowing preparation both too concentrated, and excessively dissolved mix as in the first case the kid can not cope with surplus of food substances and it will break digestion a srygivaniye, t a chair, decrease in appetite.

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Listen to the child

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Listen to the child Apologize before it and if its reaction to this or that event was rough, point to it to it, but do not build conversation by a principle the fool.

Explain that at this stage you need not to rake over the past, and to go forward, to improve the relations.

It is necessary for your future relations in a family and for the child who only learns to build the relations with different people.

Listen to the child as if you see it for the first time.

Remember, while you do not learn to speak validly with the child, you should suffer his boorish tricks.

And the farther the it is more.

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With a view

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With a view Comparison of terms of emergence of reaction reception of this or that product allows to suspect it over time as a cause of illness.

With a view of specification the suspected product is excluded from a diet for days and after fading of symptoms of an aggravation again is entered in single volume, better on an empty stomach.

Renewal of symptoms confirms a causal role of this product in a disease and points to need of its exception of a diet for the term of not less than months.

The approximate form of the food diary is given in tab.

As to you it becomes clear after attentive studying of this diary at the child the allergy to potatoes, apples and carrots is revealed and confirmed with repeated provocative tests.

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Little girls

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Little girls Sixth step teach the child to carry out all procedure up to the end Training of the child to how it is necessary podti will be the final stage, to lower water, to put on and clasp panties, to wash hands.

Little girls after they will urinate, learn to be wiped up in the direction in front back deleting far away from a vagina of a bacterium which can cause an infection.

At the beginning you often should check, whether the kid absolutely after a chair could, and help it with it.

To such procedure as water lowerin kids belong to the porazny.

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The woman

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The woman the woman had an operative rodorazresheniye, the extract is made on The th days as only on the th days act in film seams and after that supervision and control ultrasonography still is necessary.

that discharge from maternity hospital, proceeding from medical indications, instead of from desire of young mother!Legal directoryWorkWhether the employer can refuse to future mother employmentThe labor code of the Russian Federation strictly forbids to refuse to women employment based on, connected with pregnancy or presence of children Art.

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